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From frustration to solution.

Coredo was formed from sheer frustration to idiocracy in IT-industry. We wanted to build a high-quality company where PEOPLE work – not resources. Throughout our journey, we have succesfully learned to deliver agile projects using latest technologies with our Indian based team. We have always believed in international skills and have since day one had a development team in India while service customers across Europe.

If you work long enough in the IT-industry, you’ll notice how everyone is talking about resources – not people. That is total idiocracy when you think about the fact that software is written by humans, not robots. We think that writing code is creative and it’s like painting – everyone does it with their own personal style. That is why the best Software Development Teams are formed by people who play a key role in the common outcomes.

Our roots are in sports where Coredo’s Founder, Joona Puhakka, competed in three Olympic Games (Sydney, Athens, Beijing). Our Co-Owner, Petri Kämäräinen, has run 23 full marathons and built a floorball team that rose from lower divisions to the main league. With our sports in heritage, we surely know that EXECUTION is the true differentiation between success and failure. We imply these learnings in Coredo’s way of working and it gives us a unique edge to help our customers to achieve more.

Coredo name derives from words Core and Do. At the heart of our philosophy, is that the “Core” has to be in good shape to be able to “Do”. At the core of Coredo is continuous curiosity, endless hunger to learn new, and the drive to help our clients to the best possible result. Our uniqueness is the ability to see growth opportunities where others just see obsolete processes. Business understanding combined with strong technology background separates us from the rest.

What is wrong with current

Current market is driven by software development companies that call themselves forerunners of digital business while they are more like resource-for-hire companies with no commitment to customer’s business growth. This has led to a situation where a lot of software development related projects are bought without understanding that the development partner hasn’t committed to any outcomes. Usually this leads to a situation where estimated budget was heavily passed, product launch drastically delayed, and the customer is left in a situation of no knowledge what it takes to get out of it.

Coredo - Lotus

How are we solving the problem?

We commit to long-term goals and want to become a “trusted partner” for our customers. When we jointly understand the business goals and environment of our customers, we can help to build roadmaps that are realistic to execute, we can constantly study the technical environment seeking for improvements and build the right kind of skills to the team working for our customers. Once we understand the long-term goals, we can make right choices in software development and that way enable our customers business growth.

We standout in our industry with the unique ability to understand our customers business and combine that knowledge into executing the software development at the best possible way to support customers business growth.

Why are we doing this?

At Coredo, we all enjoy working in the intersection of business and technology. As a software development services company, we can leverage the latest technologies to enabling our customers business. We want to find companies that have a passion to become better and are open to work with the international team to deliver outcomes.

Our Software Developers are highly valued in our company, and they get a chance to be part of the planning & designing of the solution they are responsible to deliver. This empowers our people, and it shows as better results to our customers.

Working across industries gives our people a chance to learn at a quicker phase than in a regular company and that is why our people are able to add value to our customers.

Coredo - Heart
Coredo - Arrows up

Where are we going now?

Coredo is a Helsinki, Finland based company with sister companies in Bengaluru, India and Sydney, Australia. Since formation, we have taken the path of being an international company that can add the international knowledge to local companies. We have successfully managed to built a completely unique ability to build high-quality software products with teams locating in Bengaluru, Helsinki and Sydney. This unique combination helps us to keep up with international know-how and embed it to the local companies. With this model, we keep learning faster than regular local service companies.

We are currently expanding our Sydney, Australia business and strengthen our delivery model where Software Development experts locate in Bengaluru, India and travel to work together with customers during the innovation stage.

We are globally local

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Sydney, Australia

Level 8 31/11 York St
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia​
Phone: +61 416 683 950
Email: joona.puhakka@coredo.fi

Helsinki, Finland

Tripla Workery West
Firdonkatu 2T, 00520 Helsinki
Phone: +358 45 641 1771
Email: petri.kamarainen@coredo.fi

Bangalore, India

Laskar, Site No. 26, Hosur Rd, Adugodi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095​
Phone: +91 9686100788
Email: nidhish.shetty@coredo.fi

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