Let’s stop making people serve IT-systems and start to build IT-systems that serve people.

All digital transformation should start and end with the customer.

My personal goal in software development has always been in putting the customer in the center and building the digital services around the customer needs. Through my career in IT, I know it is difficult and expensive to upgrade, change and update legacy IT system to meet the modern digital services needs. But seriously, have you ever thought how expensive it is not to go through the system upgrades to enable modern digital services? I have watched closely how a billion+ euro company almost went out of business, because they didn’t want to spend the time and money to evolve their IT around the customer.

Today I was reading through a blog post from our partner company, Wave Design, and I was happy reading it to see how much we are thinking alike. Wave Design is a top-notch Australian consulting firm that helps companies to change their ways and make room for innovation. In the blog, Wave Design founder Dr. Munib Karavdic talks about how digital innovation needs to start from people, not technology. You can read the same blog here.

As a founder of a software development company, I fully agree with Dr. Karavdic in his thoughts. Yes, we at Coredo love building high quality software and we are really enthusiastic with leveraging the latest tech. But biggest kicks we get from building digital services that matter. And to make it matter, it has to be design around its user.

You can even read from Harvard Review why digital transformation isn’t about technology.

Now that I have said that digital transformation isn’t about technology, I have to remind that technology is the enabler of the transformation. When there is a proper understanding of company strategy, direction and desire for the lift to digital services, a solid understanding of technology needs to be coupled with the strategy.

Often, I see a mistake of either focusing too much in strategy, or too much in tech, but the real answer to a successful digital transformation is: It’s just flat out really difficult and demanding. There are no real shortcuts. And if anyone wants to do it successfully, it needs to a good co-operation between business and tech. Tech should be part of strategical analysis to understand feasibility and to continue from strategy to implementation.

Due to these, Wave Design and Coredo work together to help forward thinking companies to push the boundaries, go through the digital transformation and come out as a winner.

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Joona Puhakka
Founder of Coredo
Australia: +61 416 683 950
Finland: +358 50 533 9571

Joona Puhakka

Joona Puhakka

As Founder of Coredo, I am constantly studying the industry, the markets, international trends and looking for best ways for us to add value to our customers. I am super passionate about innovating better ways to leverage digitality in the continuous process of improvement.

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