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Sydney, Australia

Level 8 31/11 York St
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia​

Joona Puhakka
+61 416 683 950

Helsinki, Finland

Tripla Workery West
Firdonkatu 2, 00520 Helsinki

Petri Kämäräinen
+358 45 641 1771

Bangalore, India

Laskar, Site No. 26, Hosur Rd, Adugodi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 5​

Nidhish Shetty
+91 9686100788

About Us

Coredo - Joona Puhakka

Joona Puhakka  Coredo Heart  Founder | CEO | Sales

From a three time Olympic Athlete to a sought-after international leader in the digital innovation industry, Joona is known as the go-to-person when businesses look to innovate better ways to use digitality to gain competitive advantage. As the Founder of Coredo, Joona has taken the company from one person operation to an international company operating in Sydney, Helsinki and Bengaluru. Prior to finding Coredo, he worked at world’s leading IT consultancy enterprise, Accenture, by consulting the financial and manufacturing industries. Australian Government has officially recognized Joona as an exceptional international leader within the IT industry (Global Talent). He has competed in Sydney, Athens and Beijing Olympic Games in the sport of Diving. 

Coredo - Petri Kämäräinen

Petri Kämäräinen  Coredo Heart  Partner | COO

The man with the most experience while the youngest one from heart. Petri is a Partner at Coredo and truly unique Senior Consultant with experience working at the world’s best IT consultancies such as Accenture and CapGemini. He enjoys solving the most complex issues in IT and has gained an international reputation as a firefighter who is asked to help when others have screwed them up. His experience spans from software development, building a European Gaming and Gambling platform, rolling out Nokia’s global website to 20+ countries and re-architecting a Telia owned in-house scale-up company’s systems. With 23 full running marathons completed, Petri is combining his passion in sports and business to help customers find the best ways to move forward. He has worked with Indian based Software Development Teams for over 20 years.

Coredo - Nidhish Shetty

Nidhish Shetty  Coredo Heart  CEO | Coredo India 

True people driven IT leader with a humane touch to engineering world. Nidhish has been part of the birth of India’s dominance in IT industry being an instrumental growth driver of it since 1996. He has built Software Development Teams from scratch to thousands, worked at Infosys Consulting, scaled emids company to an 3000+ person consulting powerhouse. Lived in Netherlands, Canada, USA and built an environmental business as an entrepreneur from scratch. He has seen it all, the good and the bad, and is now on a great mission building Coredo to a high-end Software Development Agency that services the internationally forward thinking companies who care for quality, scalability and speed.

Prasanna Kammaje  Coredo Heart  Lead Architect

  • Lead Architect for Microsoft Stack
  • 15 Years of Experience (Developer to Architect)
  • Hands-on expertise in Microsoft technologies and Uno Platform
  • core, Angular2, Azure,
  • Nservicebus
  • Enterprise application Architecture / Design / Development

Samanth Bapu  Coredo Heart  Lead Architect

  • Lead Architect for Java and Cloud
  • 25 Years of Experience (Developer to Solution Architect)
  • Hands-on expertise in Java and Open source technologies
  • Java, SOA, UML, Ruby, Rails, Scala, Python, Django Framework, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Neo4J

Manoj Kumar  Coredo Heart  Technical Architect

  • Lead Architect PHP and Open Source
  • 10 Years of Experience (Developer to Architect)
  • Hands-on expertise in Open source stack, PHP and Node.js, React, AWS
  • Laravel framework, MySQL
  • Enterprise application Architecture / Design / Development

Nitish Kumar  Coredo Heart  Lead Front-end

  • Lead for Mobile App Development
  • 8 Years of Experience (Front end technologies and hybrid mobile development)

  • Hands-on expertise in React, HTML/CSS, Angular JS, JavaScript, Nodejs, MySQL, Spring boot Framework, Java, React Native

  • Android, IOS devevelopment

Ram Ramappa  Coredo Heart  Lead Quality Assurance

  • Lead quality assurance and test automation
  • 10 Years of Experience (IT projects Testing to quality assurance Lead)

  • Hands-on expertise in Robot Framework with Python, Selenium, Appium, API-REST & SOAP UI, POSTMAN, Swagger, ADB, DDMS, QXDM, Android Studio

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