Consultation for new CRM to create unmatched member experience

Center Party is one of the main political parties in Finland and has been a key party in the creation of Finnish wellbeing as a society. Their custom built CRM system had become to end of its product lifecycle and maintaining it had become overly expensive and time consuming. With the desire to make the member communication better and smoother, Center Party wanted to explore the possibility to change their CRM to meet modern world needs while pushing down the operating costs compared to current system and selected Coredo as it’s partner to help navigate the possibilities.

At the beginning of the project, there were no real idea of which technology is the best, who is the best provider, what should it costs and what kind of responsibilities the vendor can be expected to have.

To help with this, Coredo ran a series of workshops with different employees to gain understanding of their needs and desires. Once a more comprehensive understanding was conducted, we created an Gap-fit analysis highlighting the understanding of what they currently have and where they want to be.

With the understanding of what the Center Party wants to have, we jointly prioritized the functionalities in to must have, should have and could have categories. With this prioritization, Center Party was able to initiate an RFP process to get proposal from different CRM vendors. During the RFP process, Coredo was part of the vendor presentations and interviews. Based on the proposals and interviews, we conducted a comparison of the vendors for Center Party where we highlighted how well the proposal met the desired scope, how it technically supported the Center Party’s long-term vision, what the true costs of the CRM was for them and this way helped them to decide on the right vendor.

As an end result, Center Party made a successful choice with their CRM vendor, has now implemented a new CRM system that is modern and helps them to build a better member experience while decreasing their IT spend on CRM.

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