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Renault is a French car manufacturer based in year 1899. Through out the company's history, they have used IT-system to help them grow. Due to long history, some of the IT systems are way outdated and Renault Scandinavia asked us to automate an invoicing process to free up employees time.

Often with large international companies like Renault, they have core IT-systems that are built in the 80’s or early 90’s and no modern software has been able to replace those. That is also the case with Renault. While building the modern digital world and embracing latest digital advancements in their products, the core of back-office functions runs on an older, very functional system which works extremely well, but has shortcomings in modern day usability. A big shortcoming is lack of API’s that can be used to automate information flow such as invoices.

At Renault, employees used to manually enter invoice details to the core business system (IBM AS-400) and that way making sure the invoice is paid on time. As you can imagine, Renault Scandinavia is getting a lot of invoices taking a lot of employee time to enter and process the info. Another challenge was that the manual process was creating a business challenge of not being able to freely request for tenders from different vendors. To solve the problem, we suggested to use UiPath Automation software.

We started the project by documenting the current way of adding content to their core system. Once it was documented, we evaluated together with the Renault employees if there were possible improvements to be done to the process. Once all was clear, we implemented UiPath software as a solution where we thought the AI to read invoices correctly, pick the right details and add the content to the core system. Since the core system has no web browser, a terminal view was used.

As an outcome, Renault got a solution where the UiPath Automation software picks up invoices from a specified folder, reads the content using AI, adds content to core system. With this, Renault successfully freed up their employees’ time from repetitive content addition to spending time with customers.

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