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Alertum is Finland’s leading work safety educator helping companies meet the legal requirements of their employee skills and safety. We have together built a modern custom ERP system that has enabled them to quickly react to the changes due to Covid and have built an operational excellence that enables them for fast growth. ERP was initially started by another company, but they faced issues during building it and Coredo took over the work to complete and stabilize the solution.

Alertum is Finland’s leading work safety educator helping companies meet the legal requirements of their employee skills and safety. To improve their business efficiency and build automated back-office functions that enable the company growth, they decided to build a custom-built ERP system to meet their unique processes. They started the project with one of the leading Finnish software development companies, but hit a roadblock since the partner was constantly late and struggled to dedicate skilled people to build the system. After the unfinished solution was provided 6 months late, Alertum decided to partner with Coredo to complete the solution and speed up the development.

We took on the task of taking over the software development knowing that it is going to be a super difficult task. Together with the initial development company, we took the system from their internal platform to public cloud AWS. Once that work was successfully done, we analyzed the code from scratch since it was lacking in documentation and started to finalize the system to meet Alertum’s requirements .

Within two months, we were able to successfully move the solution from a private cloud to public cloud, take control of undocumented custom ERP system and stabilize the situation for Alertum.

Since then, we have maintained and improved the ERP, built new modules around it, integrated it with accounting software for automated billing, finetuned the logic of the platform, solved duplicated data issues, redesign the logics to meet a sudden need of hybrid online and physical educations to meet the covid restrictions while helping customers still keep their employees trained.

Overall, this partnership has been a healthy combination of deep technical understanding combined with business understanding to solve complex situations. This has been a good co-work with Alertum’s superior Product Owner who has been able to together with us build a highly functional custom ERP system to meet their unique needs. The partnership has continued since 2018.

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