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Our customer is a 110 years old photo shop company where they daily take passport photos for customers and upload it to Police system. They wanted to innovate a modern way to do it. As a solution, Coredo pitched an idea of Aritificial Intelligence (AI) based passport photo app where customers can take the photo themselves, AI image recognition verifies the quality meets Police quality and then image is added to police register by our customer.

Our customer is a 110 year old photo shop company. Daily, they have a constant customer flow of people coming to the shop to take a new passport photo. In Finland, the police require the photo to be uploaded to the police system meeting very specific criteria for.

During the covid times, our customer started the think if this process could be innovated somehow and based on the description of the requirements, Coredo pitched an idea to build a mobile app that leverages face recognition Artificial Intelligence to verify that person is not wearing glasses, is not smiling, light in the photo is at required level and that way improves the likelihood of meeting police criteria.

With ePix mobile app, people in Finland are now able to take a passport photo at home and getting the photo to police without having to travel anywhere to take the photo.

App is built for Android and iOS and initial launch of the app will take place during year 2022.

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