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Ravintola Muru
A Michelin star restaurant group. They have optimized the quality of food and service, but struggled to evolve the digital experience using 3rd party services. Muru partnered with Coredo to build a SaaS based table reservation system which will become a modern ERP for high-end restaurants seeking for a perfect end-to-end customer experience from reserving a table, building new revenue streams for restaurants and managing the customer interaction even after the eating experience.

How does a Michelin start restaurant owners improve their overall customer experience when the food, wines, service and atmosphere are already world renowned? Well, the best never stop innovating and improving.

Our customer Muru-Dining Group is a leading Finnish restaurant group with focus in the best of the quality and experience. As a mark of their excellence, one of their restaurants has received the Michelin Star. Even with the superior experience, Muru-Dining people want to keep pushing the experience to new levels and decided to partner with Coredo to build a digital experience for its customers where they can better serve the customers before and after the actual visit to the restaurant.

Restaurant industry has been slow in digitizing and innovating its services and most innovations currently are supporting entrepreneur other then the restaurant owner. We all wanted to make a change to this and Muru-Dining decided to take digital experience to their own control knowing that other premium restaurants around the world want to do it as well. As a results, we have together built Prego Booking – A SaaS based  online platform for premium restaurants.

Prego is a modern cloud based operations system for restaurant where customers can book online their tables and restaurant can manage the bookings at ease. Yes, we know, that is not the innovation since those solutions are already in the market. But the real innovation is in the background on how the restaurant can innovate new ways to serve their customers in digital channels, how they can operate their restaurant more efficiently, how they leverage modern Artificial Intelligence to understand their own business better, how they can now easily predict how the business looks in the future, how they become an international network of high quality restaurant, and most importantly, they gain back control of the customer data allowing the restaurant to communicate with their own customers.

This is a project aiming to change and lead the way restaurant industry can leverage digitality. This is a project done from the best restaurant owners to others. This is a SaaS solution that makes the restaurant better. This is a solution for the best.

Prego and Coredo continues in long-term partnership improving the solution and building it toward the world’s best restaurant platform for the best restaurants in the world.

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