We help you to build competitive advantage with supporting your own team.

We love change. We love improvement.

Our people are all driven by the passion to work in the intersection of business and technology. Our kicks come from being able to help you out from a tricky software development related problem. We do embrace change and seek together with you for the possibilities that change brings.

The most, we love to EXECUTE! 

Managed Software Development Team as a Service

With our Managed Software Development Team model you can be sure the dedicated team’s focus is fully aligned with your company’s goals and You can focus in Your business goals while we manage all aspects of the Software Development.

When quality and time-to-market are key measures at Your business, our Managed Software Development Team is the way to build long-term competitive advantage for You. The Managed Software Development Team is fully aligned with Your processes, all data and knowledge resides in your company’s systems and the team constantly studies your business in addition to writing code. This services is for companies that have been hit with problem to hire experienced developers, want to speed the product releases or wants to get outside help for a specific technical aspect.

Coredo - Indian Team

A team that works directly with your in-house team

We don’t have Single-point-of-contacts. We don’t hide our people behind managers. With us, you’ll work directly with the Software Developers who take pride in their craftmanship.

Our Software Developers work directly with your team using Slack, Teams, Jira and any other systems you use. With this, you get the most speed and agility in to your development projects while we take care of the management of the team.

We are able to operate in a modern flat hierarchy model due to our team members being experienced within their own profession. This is a direct benefit to our customers.

Why companies hire a managed Software Development Team from Coredo?

Stop wasting time trying to hire experienced developers. Instead, focus in building your business while we focus in getting the Teams up and running.

Main reasons why companies choose to hire a Managed Team from us:

  • Hiring experienced Software Developers hasn’t been successful on their own
  • There is a need to expand teams technical capability
  • Business grows super fast and wants to create scalability to meet market demand
  • There is a need to balance company cost structures

What are the benefits of hiring a managed Software Development Team?

A Team like Your In-house Team

The beneifts are:

  • Increase the quality and technical skills
  • Quicker time-to-market for product release
  • Teams are focused in Your business
  • Access to highly skilled people
  • Reduces personnel risks
  • Flexible to scale up and down
  • Transparent

Highly experienced Software Developers as Consultants

An invidual developer can join your team to help with product development, to teach new ways of working, support in specific coding language, to help improve your team’s skills or to sort out a messy project.

We know that nothing will be achieved without a team. But sometimes there are changes in your current team and to speed things up, it is important to find an individual Software Developer who can join your team. 

When you hire a Software Development consultant from Coredo, you’re not hiring just an individual, instead, you get a partner company to support you in your long-term goals while the consultant helps you to solve specific challenges.


Petri is thinking

Why to hire an outside Consultant?

It is important to have right balance in your Software Development team, but sometimes people leave. Sometimes people don’t meet expectations. Sometimes you don’t succeed in hiring the right people. Or sometimes project has gone bad (that is actually 50% of software development projects).

We undestand.

With the help from our Consultants, you’ll make sure that your business goals are met and the Software Development Team doesn’t get over burdened with pressure. It is very common for our customers to hire a Consultant from us to learn specific skills and speed up deliveries.

    Software Development Consultants

    We can help you with the following skills:


    • Software Development (PHP, .NET, MySQL, Node.JS, React, ReactNative, Objective-c, Swift, Kotlin)
    • DevOps (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment, AWS, Azure, Github)
    • System Integrations
    • Test Automation (Robot Framework, Selenium)
    • Architecture
    • On-premise to cloud migrations

    Digital business consultation


    To build successfull digital business, it is crucial you have clearly specified who your target user is, how their life improves because of the product being built, what kind of pricing model is right for you and how to align your own organization to make the digital business a success.

    Our Digital Business Consultants have worked with the world’s largest enterprises and most innovative start-ups. All these learnings are now available to support your business growth.

    From idea to a product – Coredo Innovation Framework

    A proven method to take a vague concept and turn it into a functional digital product.

    Do you have an idea that you want to define? Coredo’s Innovation Framework is a proven method to taking an undefined idea and exploring it with the goal of defining the problem that is being solved, way to solve it, a graphical visualization of the idea, development plan to creating the solution and a budget to understand the investment.

    We’ll setup a team for you that consits of an Experienced Business Consultat, Software Developers with the latest tech knowhow, User Experience Designer and a Business Analyst. If needed, we’ll have a Subject Matter Expert join through our ecosystem of partners. This is a once-in-a-lifetime dream team that you’ll get to work with.

    We are experts in Digital Business and Software Development. During our Innovation Framework Workshop we’ll explore the feasibility of your idea and present you the roadmap to making it a reality.

    Coredo - Joona leaning against the glass wall

    Plan & Analyze – the first step of a succesful digital service creation

    Many digital innovations have failed due to the inability to understand the problem being solved and how the solution will help its user. These mistakes are known and to avoid making same mistakes again, it is important to spend the time to Plan & Analyze the idea before going too deep into tech.

    We explore the idea together with you in a structured manner where you can come to the meetings unprepared, sip coffee and answer the thousand questions we’ll go through with you. As an outcome you know what the idea looks like, how it changes its users life, what it will cost and how long it takes. 

      Discovery phase of the idea

      What kind of an impact Your idea has on its users? Is it technically feasible to build? Who will use it?

      With our vast experience in building innovations across industries, we will help you to explore Your idea. Our job is to help you define the innovation and add outside understanding to it with our Digital Business and Software Development expertise. We know that you’re the true expert of Your own industry. To support your innovation, we’ll bring ideas from other industries and help You to build Digital Business that makes sense.

      Validating the concept

      We should ask other to see if the idea makes any sense to them

      When the idea is defined, we will move on to validating the concept. During this stage, we’ll interview possible customers, verify that the solution can be technically build in a reasonable time and budget. From there, we’ll together with You validate the business case to understand different revenue models.

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