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Stop f***ing around and start executing

with super-skilled Software Developers – for demanding cases.


Are you faced with a problem that your current team can’t solve? Or are you looking to get things done quicker?

We can be your full Software Development Team taking responsibility of the whole product development from a vague idea to the international markets.

Or we can support your current team to get product to markets quicker working as an extended team.​

With our unique ability to attract the best talent, we are able to support you with your plans to get digital products to markets quicker and speed up the software development effort.​

 We have mastered the skill of delivering high-quality software development projects with international teams


Increase your software development scalability and capability

We have mastered the ability to build high performing Software Development Teams so that you can focus in your core business.

Our Services are:

  • Managed Software Development Teams as a Service
  • Experienced Software Development Consultants
  • From idea to market innovation workshops (we call this Coredo Innovation Framework)

Managed Software Development Teams as a Service

To speed up your growth, we provide a Managed Software Development Team as a Service where we take care of the whole team management responsibility including quality of the outputs, hiring right kind of people, office etc. while you focus in managing what your business needs are.

We know that hiring experienced People in current world is a hard task and has become a bottle neck for growth. We have found our own niche way of hiring the brightest minds in our industry and the core formula for that is really simple; we have people, not resources.

With our approach, you can be sure to get a Team that is motivated and dedicated learning your business and making it rock.

An effective team for your business?

Innovation Framework Workshops

From a vague idea to a well designed solution

Often our clients come to us and say that they want to build an “app”. That is a starting point with no clear understanding of any details. We understand. It is all good. That is why we have created a proven model of workshops that is focused in exploring the idea, its possibilities, viability from a technical aspect and to gain a reasonable understanding of the budget for completing it. This is called Coredo Innovation Framework.

As an end results of the Coredo Innovation Framework workshops, you will have a clear definition of the problem you’re solving, visualization of the idea, high-level technical architecture, functional requirements, a budget and timeline.

Want to get started even when you don’t know exactly how?

Highly experienced Software Development Consultants

Sometimes the best way to get results is to have an experienced Software Developer join your team.

It is very common that our customers have a need to find an experienced Software Developer who can come and help their own team build a better DevOps model, support in re-architecting the solution or increase the product quality with Test Automation. Or sometimes the project has become a big mess and needs an outside view to help sorting it out.

Let us know if you think you could improve some aspects of your current product development.

We have experts internationally who are ready to start with you.

Connect with our nearest Coredo people
and let's start to EXECUTE!

Sydney, Australia

Level 8 31/11 York St
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia​
Phone: +61 416 683 950
Email: [email protected]

Helsinki, Finland

Tripla Workery West
Firdonkatu 2T, 00520 Helsinki
Phone: +358 45 641 1771
Email: [email protected]

Bangalore, India

Laskar, Site No. 26, Hosur Rd, Adugodi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095​
Phone: +91 9686100788
Email: [email protected]

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